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A commercial center in Ile-de-France 2017

Immochan, a property company of the Auchan Group, and the development developer G2AM, launched work on Friday, June 3rd of the "Retail-Park, Les Promenades de Brétigny" program in Essonne. A new recreation and catering center consisting of five buildings will be designed by the architectural firm SCAU, in collaboration with the engineering firm DVVD, and carried out by BEG Ingénierie. The opening is scheduled for autumn 2017.
In 14 months, the Retail Park will open 24,315 m², the Promenades de Brétigny in Brétigny-sur-Orge (Essonne), constituting the first phase of an ensemble brought to 49,000 m² in term. On the ZAC Maison Neuve: 5 buildings including a cinema complex Kinepolis with 10 rooms and 9 restaurants and 2,200 parking spaces will be born in October 2017.
These projects are thus complementing the Auchan shopping center, said Immochan, property of Auchan Group, and developer-manager G2AM during the laying of the first stone, Friday 3 June 2016.
«Peripheral facades clad in bronze colored coating»
Designed by the architectural firm SCAU, with the support of the engineering firm DVVD and Beg Ingénierie, "the peripheral facades will be clad in a dark, bronze colored coating made of relief metal panels that vary according to the displacement and Of the sunshine. "

Moreover, "the interior of the buildings contrasts with the peripheral facades by the use of a wooden cladding of natural color, alternating with the glazed parts which compose the entrances and shop windows of the shops. "

Each building topped by a set of awnings
Another particularity: each building will be topped by a set of awnings composed like a white ribbon folded, like an origami. Objective: to protect pedestrians from the elements, from the sun and to limit the sunlight in the shops.

Finally, the landscaping project will essentially be built on an idea of ​​"landscape transition", between an urban landscape marked by commercial and logistical activities, and a natural landscape marked by the presence of Bois de Beaulieu and, further south, Of the Château Park, conclude the project's promoters.

This commercial center, with an investment of 26 million euros, including 15 million euros of non-development work, will be delivered in mid-June 2017. A program aimed at a Breeam Very Good certification.